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South India Tour for Yoga Enthusiasts

meenakshiA tour of India especially for yoga enthusiasts has been created that will stimulate the mind and spirit as well as exercise the body. From beach-side sunrise yoga on the Bay of Bengal to the chanting, drums, horns and smoke of a night ceremony in Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple, this 16-day adventure is an opportunity to experience colourful, ancient South India in the security and convenience of a group tour.

The leader of the “Sacred South India Yoga Adventure,” Michele Labelle, is a yoga teacher with nearly 20 years of experience. Local insider, Charles, has been a licensed guide for 16 years and has led more than 200 South India tours.

In a Hindu temple in Mamallapuram, the Priest will perform a Pooja prayer ceremony, making offerings into a consecrated fire for the good health and wealth of the participants. A cycle rickshaw ride through South India’s oldest city will showcase banana and vegetable markets and cotton cloth weavers. There will also be a meeting with a Vedic Astrologer and a hands-on Indian cooking class.

In Kerala, we’ll cruise the backwaters of Alleppey, drifting past coconut groves, rice paddies and fishing boats, and then attend an evening Kathakali dance-drama, remarkable for its elaborate costumes and stylized make-up.

The November 15 – 30, 2015 tour was organized by Sacred Earth Journeys, whose president, Helen Tomei, describes the program as “a spiritual journey to connect to your inner light.”

“Besides yoga and meditation, we will visit authentic villages and meet the friendly local people whose smiles will warm your heart forever,” Helen said.

“Traveling to India was an opening for my soul,” said Alexandra S, who participated in a previous Spirit of India tour with Sacred Earth Journeys. “It was an experience that fundamentally broadened my perspective and developed my understanding of myself and our world,” she added.